Learning Rails / something new

I've felt it's worth trying something new. Having spent the entire career writing apps and JavaScript SDKs for the client side, I needed a change.

In this series, I will share my Ruby on Rails learning path, struggles, thoughts along with some code and bad humor.

Why Rails

With the market saturated with new fancy stuff, Rails may not be the first choice for many. Yet I found plenty of reasons to go for it.

  • Backend tech was my missing skill. And I looked for something to make me productive from the start.

  • I saw a lot of tweets about Rails World conference and got curious.

  • I wanted a break from JS, and Rails promises you (almost) don't need to touch JS.

  • CoffeeScript apparently is not a default anymore <3

  • Monolithic app serving HTML actually sounds refreshing.

  • I built my first website using frames. And apparently… frames are back!

Ok, so after I am done convincing myself, that it won't be a terrible waste of time, let's start with…

The project

I have no idea what I am building yet. I think that's not the goal to build something, but rather to learn while doing it.

The only idea I have now is to show my struggle and to have a diary with cool stuff I learned along the way. Usually attempt to explain something, especially in a written form, helps one understand the problem better. Hope this will work this time.

Every project needs a name and main will be "Learning in progress". If I came up with a less dull name, I promise, I will let you know.

Famous last words

This is definitely not the last thing I posted here.